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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology Pre-Med “Yours to Lose” Major, BS, BI20

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Major Code: BI20     Bachelor of Science       Summary Degree Requirements  

Yours to Lose: Advanced Medical School Acceptance Program is a collaborative partnership with Kansas City University. For more information click here.

General Education Core 42 Requirements: 32 Hours

  • Area 1A     6 hours Social & Behavioral Sciences -PSY 0100  and SOC 0110  recommended, see below for options
  • Area 1B     3 hours Civic Engagement - PSC 0120  recommended, see below for options
  • Area 2A     6 hours Written Communication - see below for options
  • Area 2B     3 hours Oral Communication - COMM 0100  recommended, see below for options
  • Area 3       7 hours Natural Science 1 with and 1 without lab - fulfilled by BIO 0108  /BIO 0109  and CHEM 0140  /CHEM 0141  
  • Area 4       3 hours Mathematics - fulfilled by MATH 0140  or MATH 0150  
  • Area 5A     6 hours Humanites - 3 hours fulfilled by ENG 0250  , a modern language course recommended - see below for options
  • Area 5B     3 hours Fine Arts - ART 0110  ”Art of Observation” class recommended - see below for options
  • Area 5C     3 hours Global Competencies - see below for options
  • Area 5D     2 hours Health and Wellness - see below for options

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Freshman Seminar*: 1 Hour

* BIO 100 Freshman Seminar meets the University Experience degree requirement H.  This course is specific to the Yours to Lose program

Electives: 0 Hours

Total Hours: 120

* Required courses in Biology, Chemistry/Physics and Math meet general education Core 42 areas 3 and 4 (10 hours)

**YTL students will participate in international study experiences. Topics may vary as well as the specific semester in which an international opportunity is offered. Students may apply for travel grants for this course; travel grants are not guaranteed and students will be responsible for paying expenses.  If a student cannot participate in an international study course, an alternate global experience must be approved as part of the curriculum. 

Additional suggested elective: BIO 0475  Advanced Human Dissection

Policy regarding courses that involve independent student work: No more than 4 credit hours total of BIO 0297 - Independent Research in Biology , BIO 0299 - Independent Study in Biology , BIO 0455 - Laboratory Assistant Practicum , BIO 0491 - Internship in Biology , BIO 0492 - Service Learning in Biology , BIO 0497 - Advanced Independent Research in Biology , and/or BIO 0499 - Advanced Independent Study in Biology  will count as Biology electives toward the BS in Biology degree.

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