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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice Major. BS, CJ01

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Fast Track Eligible          Major Code: CJ01     Bachelor of Science          Summary Degree Requirements  


General Education Core 42 Requirements: 36 Hours

  • Area 1A     6 hours Social & Behavioral Sciences - 3 hrs met by CJ 0100  , additional 3 hrs see below for options
  • Area 1B     3 hours Civic Engagement - see below for options
  • Area 2A     6 hours Written Communication - see below for options
  • Area 2B     3 hours Oral Communication -see below for options
  • Area 3       7 hours Natural Science 1 with and 1 without lab - see below for options
  • Area 4       3 hours Mathematics - see below for options
  • Area 5A     6 hours Humanities - see below for options
  • Area 5B     3 hours Fine Arts - see below for options
  • Area 5C     3 hours Global Competencies - fulfilled by CJ 0301  or CJ 0370  
  • Area 5D     2 hours Health and Wellness - see below for options

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Institutional Degree Requirement: 1 Hour

Electives: 29 Hours

As needed to total 120 approved credit hours (including 39 upper division 300-400 level).

Consider adding a certificate or a minor. Click on “Return to Academic Programs” at the top or bottom of the page.

Total Hours: 120

CJ 301 or CJ 370 fulfills General Education Core Requirement area 5C, CJ 100 fulfills 3 of 6 hours area 1A.

 Institutional requirement UE 0100  may also be met by HNRS 0101  (2 credit hours).

*See course descriptions and university requirements for prerequisites.
#Only 13 hours of the Basic Law Enforcement Academy will be applied to the 15 hour elective requirement.
General electives selected with advisor approval must include sufficient upper division courses (courses numbered at the 300 or 400 level) to complete university requirements for a minimum 39 upper-division hours.
A minor or a certificate (or certificates) is highly recommended.

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