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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Sharlow - Chair, Allan, Cotter, Nicolas, Robinson, and Talley
Fine Arts Building • 417-625-9318


The Music Department of Missouri Southern State University seeks to serve the University and its many constituents, by providing access to a general foundation in music education, professional preparation to individuals interested in selected fields of study within the discipline of music, an environment of cultural enrichment and by providing departmental support to the institutional commitment of the International Mission.


Choral / Vocal Studies

The Choral and Vocal Studies Program provides the singer, regardless of major, the opportunity to perform a wide-ranging, yet complimentary, variety of music in an equally diverse number of ensembles, performances, and genre types.  Our ensembles include:  Concert Chorale (large mixed choir); Madrigal Singers (select mixed ensemble); and Chamber Singers (highly-select mixed ensemble).  MSSU vocalists compete alongside other state universities in competitions sponsored by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) where they consistently place in the first and second place divisions at the district, state, and national levels.


Instrumental Studies

The Instrumental Studies Program provides the instrumentalist, regardless of major, the opportunity to perform in a variety of instrumental ensembles including the Lion Pride Marching Band, Lion Pride Basketball Pep Band, the Wind Ensemble, the Concert Band, the Southern Symphony, the Southern Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Combos, Brass Ensemble, Trumpet Ensemble, Steel Drum Ensemble, and the Percussion Ensemble. The Lion Pride Band hosts several special events in the fall in addition to performing amazing shows at each MSSU home football game. Our other various instrumental ensembles perform at a high-level while also creating a welcoming musical environment for all students.


Degrees / Certificates

The Department of Music offers a variety of degrees:  Bachelor of Arts in Music; Bachelor of Music Education; Bachelor of Music in Vocal, Instrumental, and Keyboard Performance; Bachelor of Music Theatre; and a Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in an Outside Field.  In addition to our degrees, we also offer several undergraduate and graduate certificates.  Our undergraduate certificates include:  Music Instruction, Conducting, Ensemble Performance, Jazz Studies, Musical Theatre, Percussion Specialist, and Music Industry. Our graduate certificates, which can be paired with the Master of Science in Education Curriculum and Instruction degree in Teacher Education, include:  Ensemble Pedagogy and Applied Pedagogy.  The Missouri Southern Music Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).


General Education/Core 42 requirements in Area 5B Fine Arts can be fulfilled by MUS 0100  Fundamentals of Music, MUS 0110  Music Appreciation, MUS 0101  Jazz Styles & Appreciation, or MUS 0106  World Music (for music majors) and MUS 0120  History of Rock and Roll.

All music majors (with exception of piano majors) are required to pass a piano proficiency examination prior to graduation. Students must continue to enroll in piano courses regardless of credit requirements until piano proficiency is passed.

A provable equivalency for up to 4 semesters credit of MUS 0240  may be substituted by transfer students whose institution of origin does not have a similar recital attendance program stipulated in their curriculum.

For additional information contact:
Dr. David Sharlow • Music Building 206
417-625-9562 •


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