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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Science

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Donelson - Chair, Bajacharya, Sundararajan, and Yeboah-Forson
Reynolds Hall 210 • 417-625-9766


The Chemical and Physical Sciences Department is a learning community dedicated to:

  • delivering undergraduate instruction for physics and physics education majors
  • offering physics courses suitable for students majoring in other fields
  • offering general education requirement science courses in support of the university’s liberal arts curriculum
  • supporting a two year transfer program for students majoring in engineering
  • providing a positive environment for students, staff and faculty

Physics graduates obtain a strong diversified background in science and mathematics which will qualify them to enter various areas of employment in industry, government or secondary education or for entrance into graduate programs in physics, engineering and many other disciplines. Students who plan to do graduate work in engineering should, with the help of a faculty advisor, select their free electives in the area they plan to enter.

The physics area of the Chemical and Physical Sciences Department participates in cooperative two-year pre-engineering programs which allow students to complete the first two years of an engineering degree at Missouri Southern and then transfer to an engineering school to complete the remaining two years of the degree.


The Chemical and Physical Sciences Department at Missouri Southern, in cooperation with the engineering faculty at the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Missouri-Columbia, have prepared booklets describing the Cooperative Engineering Program between these schools and MSSU. These booklets list the course sequence for a student taking the first two or two and one-half years of an engineering science curriculum at Southern and planning to transfer to MS&T or UMC. The plan also includes the courses the student will take at Missouri S&T or University of Columbia-Columbia to complete a BS degree in various engineering disciplines. Engineering school General Education Requirements are different from liberal arts requirements so it is strongly recommended that the student consult with a pre-engineering advisor in the Chemical and Physical Sciences Department. Any student or advisor who desires a copy of the booklet should contact the Chemical and Physical Sciences Department.

Although most of the engineering programs are standard for the first two years, there are a few differences and thus the student should meet with a pre-engineering advisor during the first semester. If a student wishes to transfer to a school other than MO S&T or MU-C, it is suggested that the catalog of that school be reviewed for any differences in its program and the MO S&T or MU-C outline. College catalogs are available in the Reserve Area of Spiva Library. Any advisor who desires a copy of the booklet should contact the Chemical and Physical Sciences Department.

For additional information contact:
Dr. James Donelson, Department Chair
Reynolds Hall 213
417-625-9345 •donelson-j@mssu.edu


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