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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Intensive English Program

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Carmichael - Director, Keller
Webster Hall 320B • 417-625-9821


The Intensive English Program (IEP) provides English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to international and resident students whose first language is not English. The IEP provides instruction to help students reach an academic level of English in order to obtain a university degree. This supports MSSU’s mission of a strong commitment to international education by enabling more international students to attend MSSU.

The English requirement for full admission to regular studies:

There is no minimum test score required for admission to English studies before a degree program.

Students holding an F-1 visa to study in the U.S. must be enrolled full-time in academic studies. Full time academic status is 12 or more credit hours; English study is 15 credit hours per semester.


Students are given a Michigan English Placement Test (MEPT) upon arrival and at the end of every semester. There is no charge for the test. The MEPT is one test developed by the University of Michigan and is valid only at the institution where the test is given.


Five levels of instruction are offered. Classes are taught in the following skill areas: Reading, Grammar, Composition, Speaking/Listening and Academic Skills. All classes must be passed with a 2.0 (C) to move to the next level. Courses may be repeated only one time if necessary.

Length of Study:

The time a student spends in the IEP depends on a variety of factors including personal motivation, study skills, the language commonly used outside the classroom, level of proficiency and ability. It is expected that students complete the IEP in a specific time, set when students enroll in courses after taking the initial MEPT or other language assessment test.

Nothing herein prohibits a student from enrollment in courses at a lower or higher level than these general scores suggest, if test sub scores indicate different work in a skill area (grammar, listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation) is more appropriate.

Disciplinary Policy

IEP Disciplinary policy conforms to the MSSU Academic Policies as stated in the catalog. Any IEP student falling below a GPA of 2.0 in any semester in his or her IEP course work will be placed on IEP academic probation. If the GPA is not raised to the minimum standard of progress during the probationary semester, the student is subject to academic suspension from the program.

A student receiving academic suspension may not return to the IEP for one semester and will not be re-enrolled if the student cannot present evidence that indicates a high probability of academic success.

Academic bankruptcy is not permitted in the IEP.

The Program

Students at all levels are required to enroll in a full load of IEP courses. Exchange Students at MSSU for a limited time and intending to complete their degree at another university may take IEP courses for transfer credit to their home institutions. Exchange students are governed by the exchange agreements under which they attend MSSU and must meet the language requirements of MSSU to be admitted to regular classes.

English Support Services

International students or second language English students in the regular academic program at MSSU who wish to take English support classes to help their academic studies may take up to 6 hours of IEP courses each semester.

Additional Help

IEP-sponsored English tutoring services for international and second language English students are provided through the Language Resource Center. In addition, Learning Center tutors are available to work with other academic work at any time.

Conversation Partners

Time with conversation partners is required of English learners and provides support in getting to know American culture as well as language. Some IEP courses require students to find a conversation partner to complete the work of the course.

Highlights of the IEP

  • Students admitted to the IEP are considered official students at Missouri Southern State University with all the accompanying rights and privileges. Unless a student has met admission requirements to the University, however, s/he is not admitted thereby to a degree program.
  • No minimum TOEFL or other proficiency test score is necessary to enroll in IEP classes, but scores on the Michigan Tests (MELICET and MPT) are used for placement in appropriate level courses.
  • Small classes offer personal attention.
  • Native English-speaking conversation partners and dormitory roommates are available.
  • Conversation partners and IEP tutors allow students to progress at their own pace.
  • Students participate in field trips to areas of cultural interest as well as planned social activities with neighboring colleges and universities.

Visit the IEP online at: http://www.mssu.edu/iep

For additional information contact:
Aaron Carmichael, Director
Intensive English Program
Webster Hall 320A • 417-625-9573


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