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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Arts and Sciences

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School Dean
Dr. Marsi Archer


The School of Arts and Sciences provides quality teaching and challenging academic experiences that contribute to the complete education of students in both the General Education/Core 42 Requirements and specific curriculums that prepare students for careers or additional education or training. Supporting this overall mission are sound pedagogy, contributions to scholarly and creative activity and service to the campus and community.


The School of Arts and Sciences consists of 13 departments representing more than 22 disciplines. Although diverse in nature and subject, the departments in the School of Arts and Sciences all contribute to the overall missions of the University and School of Arts and Sciences by working to achieve these goals:

  1. Quality teaching is our primary goal and responsibility. Arts and Sciences faculty teach the majority of courses in the General Education Requirements, a diverse but integrated group of courses that form the foundation of higher education. The academic majors within the School of Arts and Sciences prepare students for a variety of careers or for graduate and professional school. Faculty focus on pedagogy and strive to create a rigorous and exciting atmosphere for learners. Departments measure achievement of this goal using a structured system of faculty and course evaluation that involves input from anonymous student questionnaires, classroom visits by the department head, reviews of grade distributions, examinations, course Web pages and other supplements.
  2. The second goal of the School of Arts and Sciences is scholarly and creative activity. Scholarly research and activity advances knowledge and improves teaching by keeping faculty current in their field and creating a dynamic environment for students. Creative activity and performance improves the proficiency of faculty and enhances teaching. The result is an enriched cultural experience for students and the community. The inherent desire of many faculty to advance knowledge in their discipline is further encouraged through a reward system that includes faculty development grants and credit through the system of promotion and tenure. This goal is measured primarily by examination of faculty vitae and through intradepartmental comparisons.
  3. University and community service, the third goal of the School of Arts and Sciences, provides opportunities for faculty to participate in a variety of university and community affairs. Faculty donate academic expertise and problem solving skills to the university and community. The school serves as a cultural resource by presenting films, art exhibitions, dramatic productions, musical concerts and recitals. All departments provide academic activities for students in elementary through secondary grades. This goal is evaluated by rating the success and significance of various activities.

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