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2015-2016 Course Catalog 
2015-2016 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music - Grades K-12 Certification Single Teaching Field Option One - Instrumental Emphasis, BSE

Major Code: ES14

General Education Requirements: 43-44 Hours

See Baccalaureate Degree General Education Curriculum Requirements. 

Professional Education Requirements: 42-43 Hours

Elementary Education Requirements  

Total Hours: 149-151

*The required course in psychology satisfies both certification requirements and three hours of General Education Requirements.
**See Prerequisites
***Must be completed prior to the Professional Semester of supervised teaching.
****(opt. a) Instrumental Major, other than piano: two Semester Hours of piano study or the equivalent (Class piano may be included).
(opt. b) Piano Major: two Semester Hours of private study on a wind instrument or the equivalent.
It is STRONGLY recommended that students take Class Piano MUS 0203  if Piano proficiency has not been passed after two semesters of Class Piano (MUS 0103 , MUS 0104 )
Brass, Woodwind or Percussion Major: the seven semesters of large ensemble must be in band.
String Major: the seven semesters of large ensemble may be in band or choir. Piano Requirements*^#
*^#Typical piano sequence: Class Piano MUS 0103 , MUS 0104 , MUS 0203 . Students with advanced piano skills may be eligible to test out of piano courses with approval of the department (Also see Credit Options: Advanced Standing Examination ) Piano major: two semesters hours of private study on a wind instrument or the equivalent.
*****Must be taken the seven semesters immediately prior to the student teaching semester.