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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies

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Stebbins - Director
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It is the goal of Missouri Southern State University that all academic programs be enhanced through an emphasis on international education. To that end, the University has identified five goals:

  1. Graduates will have an understanding of how cultures and societies around the world are formed, sustained and evolve.
  2. Graduates will have empathy for the values and perspectives of cultures other than their own and an awareness of international and multicultural influences in their own lives.
  3. Graduates can identify and discuss international issues and cultures other than their own.
  4. Graduates have communicative competence in a second or third language.
  5. Graduates have experienced or desire to experience a culture other than their own.

Several activities have been designed and implemented to help make these goals possible. They include encouraging and supporting faculty to lead student groups abroad; providing grants for faculty to internationalize the curriculum; developing bilateral exchange agreements with universities in other countries; developing “themed” semesters featuring special course offerings, lectures and cultural events of a particular country or continent; increasing the number of foreign language course sections and course offerings; and offering Performing Aid Awards for students majoring or minoring in a foreign language.

The Institute of International Studies (IIS), moreover, is committed, through its leadership, in assisting global education to become more pervasive throughout the curriculum and extracurricular activities of the University.

Finally, the Institute is committed to continual assessment of international programs and its mission to ensure that students develop not only an awareness of international problems but specific competencies needed in business, industry, government, education and the professions.

Study Abroad Programs

(Semester and Year-Long Opportunities)

Missouri Southern students have many exciting opportunities to study for a semester or year in other countries. The University is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), through which MSSU students can study and earn credit at some 330 colleges and universities in 50 countries around the world. In addition, students may choose to participate in the Bilateral Exchange Program. The University has negotiated a number of departmental bilateral agreements with international institutions; these exchanges are usually specific to a student’s major. For semester or year-long exchanges, MSSU students studying abroad through most ISEP or Bilateral Exchange Programs pay regular MSSU tuition and similar room/board fees.

To participate in a long-term study abroad program, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 (higher for some host institutions); be degree seeking and enrolled full time; intend to return to MSSU to graduate; and generally have completed 60 credit hours by the time of the exchange.

More information on study abroad programs is available on the Institute of International Studies’ website: http://www.mssu.edu/international-studies/

International Studies Major

The major in International Studies is committed to the development in students of high intellectual standards, concern for the whole person and practical cross-cultural and professional skills to enable them to embark upon immediate employment or graduate study.

It is the goal of the major in International Studies that students who complete the program shall:

  1. Demonstrate communication skills in a language other than their own at a proficiency beyond the intermediate level of study.
  2. Analyze a variety of problems of international significance, selecting or creating possible solutions and defining possible means of implementation.
  3. Compare values of one culture with those of another, demonstrating how values develop and analyzing how cultural values impact on decisions of international importance.
  4. Analyze the impact of social institutions in their own culture as well as in another, demonstrating an understanding of individuals’ roles in these systems, be they governmental, economic, religious, family or occupational.
  5. Identify activities and products which constitute the scientific/technological aspects of a culture other than their own, demonstrating an understanding of the impact of such activities and products on the individuals and the physical environment in a culture.
  6. Identify those activities and products which constitute the artistic aspects of a culture other than their own; understand the impact which art, in its various forms, has on individuals in a culture; and analyze the uses of works of art within that culture.

International Studies as defined by the Institute of International Studies allows as many disciplines as possible to become involved in the internationalizing of the University. The International Studies major and minor is an interdepartmental degree program administered by the Institute of International Studies. The program offers students an opportunity to enhance their understanding of the diverse cultures of the world and provides a substantial foundation for professional careers in diplomacy, law, education, international business and commerce, journalism, the military, research, public health, human service organizations and much more. Opportunities in most of these professions are available in both the public and private sectors in the United States and abroad. The major is also a good foundation for graduate study in such diverse areas as international law, business, history, political science, foreign languages, anthropology, as well as international relations, intercultural communication, peace studies and other interdisciplinary programs.

For additional information contact:
Dr. Chad Stebbins, Director
Institute of International Studies
Webster Hall 337A




      International Studies

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