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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Justice Studies (CJ, GOLD, IPA)

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Wilson - Chair, Adelizzi, Delehanty, Gunderman, Hulderman, Shoaf, Smith, and Walthall

Justice Center 126 • 417-625-9302


The mission of the Department of Justice Studies is to encourage lifelong learning and scholarship, to produce qualified and knowledgeable graduates and to foster development of ethical professionals prepared for leadership positions in the criminal justice system, law enforcement, politics, and related fields. The department is devoted to emphasizing quality teaching and learning, to providing an international perspective and to promoting the value of community service. The department seeks to further the study and understanding of criminal justice through our teaching, scholarship and service.

Criminal Justice (Justice Studies)

Adding to the extremely versatile Criminal Justice Major. BS, CJ01   and the Law Enforcement Major (Option A), AS, LE00  and Law Enforcement Major (Option B) Basic Law Enforcement Academy, AS, LE01  , the Criminal Justice Department offers the Criminal Justice/CIS Major, Computer Forensics Option, BS, CJ00  .

These exciting degree programs are complemented by four minors:

Criminal Justice

Juvenile Justice


CSI-Crime Scene Investigation

In addition to the current minors, the Department of Criminal Justice is now offering certificates in eight specialized areas including:

Conservation Management Certificate, CJ97  

Corrections Certificate, Criminal Justice, CJ92  

Crime Scene Investigations Certificate, Criminal Justice, CJ94  

Criminal Investigation Certificate, Criminal Justice, CJ91  

Criminal Law Certificate, Criminal Justice, CJ95  

Homeland Security Certificate, Criminal Justice, CJ96  

Juvenile Justice Certificate, Criminal Justice, CJ93  

Policing Certificate, Criminal Justice, CJ90  

These certificates are both stand-alone programs of study for individuals wishing to obtain specialized certification in the various areas as well as those students who are pursuing a baccalaureate degree.

The many combinations offer a myriad of opportunities for students seeking careers in the criminal justice system and related fields.

The Criminal Justice degree offers academic training coupled with real world practical training for students pursuing careers as criminal justice professionals in the traditional fields of law enforcement, juvenile justice, corrections, probation and parole, and private safety and security. The Criminal Justice program provides a varied curriculum, small classes, faculty who provide individual academic attention, international education opportunities and a unique learning environment that meets the needs of a diverse student body. The program prepares students for a wide variety of careers as criminal justice professionals as well as graduate programs in criminal justice, law and other related fields.

In addition to day and evening courses, students can obtain the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and the Associate of Science in Law Enforcement degrees online. The many hybrid courses combine the benefits of the classroom experience with the flexibility of the Internet. The department offers criminal justice professionals, who have experience in the field, college credit for work experience through the portfolio process. The Department also recommends that all students participate in the internship program, where students receive university credit for working side by side with practicing criminal justice professionals.

Our faculty members are attentive to student needs and strive to prepare students for challenging criminal justice careers. They have over 100 years of combined practical experience as:

* State and local law enforcement officers

* Juvenile officers

* Legal advocates

* Correctional officers

* Criminal investigators

* Child abuse investigators

* Private security

* Nonprofit agency administrators

The Criminal Justice Department emphasizes the international mission and provides students with opportunities to study and travel abroad to view firsthand other criminal justice systems around the globe. Our faculty and students have explored the criminal justice systems of England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Italy, Israel, Spain and Costa Rica. In the years since the international mission was implemented, more than 350 criminal justice students have studied abroad.

The state-of-the-art Mills Anderson Justice Center is the home of the Department of Criminal Justice. The department houses a high-tech mobile Crime Scene Investigation Unit, a modern indoor “live-fire” range, and two firearms training simulators. The auditorium provides a forum for lectures and advanced training seminars for practicing criminal justice professionals. These seminars are taught by nationally recognized criminal justice professionals, allowing students to learn from the experts and network with potential employers. The gymnasium and crime scene rooms provide real-life practical scenario training.

The Criminal Justice Department at Missouri Southern State University also operates the 600-hour Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy. (See Law Enforcement (Criminal Justice)  

For additional information contact:

Department of Justice Studies

Dr. Tim Wilson, Chair

Justice Center 126B




Law Enforcement (Justice Studies)


Faculty: Wilson- Chair, Adams- Director of Law Enforcement Academy

Justice Center 126 • 417-625-9302

The Associate of Science degree in Law Enforcement helps prepare students for entrance into law enforcement, a field which has become highly specialized and complex at the local, state and national levels. The University also offers the four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

Students have the option to complete the Associate of Science degree in Law Enforcement with or without attending the Law Enforcement Academy.

Law Enforcement Major (Option A), AS, LE00  

Law Enforcement Major (Option B) Basic Law Enforcement Academy, AS, LE01  

Missouri Peace Officer Certification

The 600-hour Missouri Peace Officer Certification is offered through Criminal Justice Administration (CJAD) and the Missouri POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training) Certified Law Enforcement Academy. Students who successfully complete the Academy and meet licensing requirements become eligible for employment as Missouri Peace Officers. See course descriptions.

Additionally, students who successfully complete the Law Enforcement Academy earn the Peace Officer Training Certificate.

Peace Officer Training Certificate, LE81  


The State of Missouri requires applicants at the time of licensing to be 21 years of age, a United States citizen, have a high school diploma or its equivalent and pass the Missouri State Police Officer Licensing examination. An applicant with a criminal history must receive Missouri POST clearance before being accepted to the program. An interview with the Training Coordinator is required for admittance to the program.

For additional information contact:

Department of Justice Studies

Mr. Chad Adams, Director Law Enforcement Academy

Justice Center 101




Military Science (Justice Studies)

Show-Me Gold Missouri Army National Guard Officer Leadership Program

The Military Science minor is a four-year program in which students contract with the Missouri National Guard for military service upon completion of their degree. GOLD 0101  is open enrollment for all students without a contractual obligation. The program is offered in both classroom and  laboratory learning environments. Please contact the Department of Justice Studies for more information.

Military Science Minor, MS80  

For additional information contact:

Department of Justice Studies

Dr. Tim Wilson, Chair

Justice Center 126B

417-625-9858 • Wilson-T@mssu.edu


International & Political Affairs (Justice Studies)

Faculty: Wilson- Chair, Delehanty, Shoaf, Smith

Justice Center 126 • 417-625-9858

Interested in understanding the inner workings of other nations’ politics and culture? Turn your curiosity into a career in the International & Political Affairs (IPA) Degree. Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching while also providing students with access to valuable experiences applicable to their future career. The faculty are committed to experiential learning activities in and outside of the classroom: offering courses that allow students to travel, helping to support registered student organizations, and a variety of internship opportunities. The department provides students with the opportunity to cultivate critical thinking, communication and technological skills.


We prepare you for an array of careers through our program’s emphasis on written and oral communication, research and professional development. Customize your degree as a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts, and choose from courses in political affairs, legal affairs, international affairs, geography or global cultural studies. We offer degrees in International & Political Affairs with Bachelor of Arts in IPA, Global Cultural Emphasis, International Relations Emphasis, and Political Affairs Emphasis, as well as Bachelor of Science in IPA, International Relations Emphasis and Political Science Emphasis.

International & Political Affairs, IPA, BA, International Relations Emphasis, IP00  

International & Political Affairs, IPA, BA, Political Science Emphasis, IP01  

International & Political Affairs, IPA, BA, Global Cultural Emphasis, IP04  

International & Political Affairs, IPA, BS, International Relations Emphasis, IP05  

International & Political Affairs, IPA, BS, Political Science Emphasis, IP06  

International & Political Affairs Social Science Education Emphasis, BS, IP09  

International & Political Affairs General Emphasis, BS, IP10  

Additionally, International & Political Affairs offers the following certificates:

International Politics & Diplomacy Certificate, Social Science, PS90  

Public Administration Certificate, IPA, PS91  

Legal Studies Certificate, IPA, PS92  

Campaigns & Elections Certificate, IPA, PS93  

Political Communication Certificate, PS94  

Gender Studies Certificate, IPA, SO90  

Global Citizenship Certificate, IP90   (coordinates with IS90 Teaching English as a Foreign Language)


Master of Science in Justice Studies

About the Degree:          

The Masters of Science in Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary partnership between multiple departments, schools, and colleges at Missouri Southern State University designed to allow students, from all disciplinary backgrounds, the opportunity to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the multiple facets of what we call “Justice.” Students in this program will synthesize advanced scholarly knowledge from diverse yet interrelated fields, critique historical and theoretical concepts related to the understanding and application of justice, and master disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills essential to both scholarly and professional settings.   


What you’ll learn:                                                            

How the concept of ‘justice’ is defined and applied in real-world settings.

How professionals’ work is related to the application of ‘justice’ defined in a variety of careers (politics, law, criminal justice, policing, social work).

How a variety of social systems work to achieve ‘justice’ or not (‘injustice’).

How to use data and other sources of information to make inferences and draw logical conclusions about questions focused on ‘justice’.


This Degree is great for you if:

You have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university (national or regional).

You want to pursue a career or professional activity that requires additional training in the operation of systems related to ‘justice’ or data analytics/critical thinking/problem-solving.

You are a career professional who seeks additional credentialing for professional development and/or advancement.

For additional information contact:

Justice Studies-Masters of Science (MS)

Dr. William Delehanty, Justice Studies Coordinator

Justice Center




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